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We build the custom cabinetry that you dream of… every detail of your kitchen and bathroom design is hand made by our master carpenter.


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Our Founder

Dan hartford

A master carpenter and general construction contractor, Dan has been helping his clients dreams come true for over 35 years.

His abilities go far beyond specializing in kitchen and bathroom design… He is highly skilled in new home and remodel construction. Dan will help guide you through the process of realizing your design ideas, from breaking ground to final inspection.


Dan built a series of custom cabinets for our ranch house. Great attention to detail with an excellent result. I would highly recommend him and his work.
— Gene Callan, AIA
After trying to get two vanities with a frugal budget, Dan nearly matched the price of the box stores prices, and he built them exactly the way we needed them to fit our home rather then making do with a product that didn’t fit the room nearly as well. We went with a competitor to get our entire new kitchen and we’re regretting that decision. After only 6 months, cabinet hinges are coming out of the wood do to the lack of quality woods used, they may look nice but the quality is lacking compared to Rock solid’s quality, and after it was all said and done the price of our inexpensive kitchen was nearly what Dan at Rock solid could have done it for. Hindsite is 20/20 and we wish we could have the same quality work in the kitchen that we have come to rely on throughout the other rooms in the house.
— Jeff Speelman
I know these folks and can tell you, you’ve come to the right place for quality craftsmanship and detail as well as finishing the job in a timely manner. Highly recommend them for your needs.
— Dottie Kastl